List of the best powerbanks under 1000 INR!


Nowadays, smartphones became the necessity in our day to day life. Before purchasing any smartphone, we check various aspects of its operating system, processor, RAM, internal storage, battery, camera, and many other specifications.The battery is the most important aspect which plays the important role. Functions such as playing games, calling on the phone, surfing internet, watching videos, and many other functions consume lots of battery. If you are walking outside or traveling to some other locations, then charging the battery becomes difficult. In order to overcome this difficulty, you need power banks. Here we have listed three power banks which come under 1000INR.


Ambrane P-1310

The Ambrane P-1310 power bank offers 13000mAh battery capacity which delivers amazing backup. The Ambrane brand produces powerful power banks at low cost. The Ambrane P-1310 device will cost you the 1000INR price and is available in White and Black colors. For better performance, the Ambrane brand incorporated Samsung Lithium-ion cells in the device. In addition, the device can also work well with the newly launched HTC Android 2017 smartphone as it is equipped with dual USB port which let you charge two devices together at the single point in time.

The Ambrane P-1310 device is compatible with tablets, MP3s, PSPs, Cameras and other gadgets. Talking about its design, the power bankmeasures the dimensions as 14*7.8*2.9cms and 250 grams weight. With 2.9cm thickness and 250 grams weight, the device looks great and stylish as well as the device is quite handy which you can easily put into your pockets. You will see a LED torch which acts as an indicator. The device offers the 1-year warranty.

Intex IT-PB11K

Intex IT-PB 11K is the cheap power bank which comes with the 930INR price and is available in White and Black color options. This power bank offers 11,000mAh battery capacity which provides powerful backup. The device is equipped with 3 USB ports which deliver variant outputs that are 5V/1A, 5V/2A, and 5V/2A. The device is equipped with small sized buttons used for switch on and off the device. Along with power buttons, you will see four LED indicators which indicate the remaining power leftover.

Coming to the design part, the device measures the dimensions as 14.2*6.3*2.6 cm. The device comes with the thin body and has 159 grams weight. The device comes with the torch function having three ports having 1A, 2A, and 2A. You will see the LED indicator and the power button for switching ON and off. The device offers the 1-year warranty.

Ambrane P-1111

If you are looking for the cheapest power bank, the Ambrane P-1111 is one of the cheapest devices which offer 10,000mAh battery capacity. The device comes with the 700INR price and is available in various color options such as Black, White, Gold, and Silver.

The power bank is equipped with 2 USB ports by which you can charge two devices together. Apart from this, the device comes with single micro-USB port and one simple port which deliver 5V/2.4A as output. The device is equipped with LED lights which indicate the leftover charge which comes along with the Torchlight and Toggle switch. Coming to the dimensions, the device measures the dimensions as 14.2*2.3*6.2 cms with 300 gram weight. This power bank offers the 1-year warranty.

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